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It Depends on Who's Looking - The Archetype Project




The Multimedia Book


‘It Depends on Who’s Looking – The Archetype Project’ Multimedia Book is an online tool for self healing and personal transformation that will help you to address “what’s not working in your life”.  How?  By inviting you to come and get to know the Archetypes — those magnificent, energetic forces that influence your every thought, feeling and action.  This book will then teach you how to work with The Archetypes to effect the changes that you would like to see on your self healing journey.


Just imagine!  For each and every perspective and belief that you have — whether it’s your perception about how safe the world is or your perspective on how lucky or unlucky you are — there’s an Archetype setting up experiences that feed directly into those very perceptions, driving them and validating them.


But what if you could renegotiate your relationship with an Archetype to change a belief that isn’t serving you?  Would a new set of experiences that reflect that change manifest?  Absolutely!  And that’s exactly what our multimedia book It Depends on Who’s Looking – The Archetype Project is all about. The multimedia book is an online Shamanic self help tool that you can use from the comfort of your own home, and come back to again and again. Kick start your journey to self healing with The Archetypes today, why not now?


The online book itself is a shamanic tool that is comprised of more than one hundred and sixty multimedia components, all crafted to guide you energetically through the material and immerse you deeply into archetypal and shamanic energetics.


The entire first section of The Archetype Project book is free for your perusal; so go ahead, jump in and give it a test run.  As mentioned, the book is rich with more than 160 videos, audios, visuals and embedded links, so there is one recommendation I will make to enhance your experience…

Experience the Book in Full Screen


Starting with the very first page (the Title Page) engage the “full-screen” option.  It’s the icon at the top of the screen that looks like this: fullscreen


Choosing this mode is doubly important when you click to view a video.  Reward yourself with the “full screen” experience by clicking on this icon on the bottom right of the video screen: fullscreen button


“Full-screen” mode reduces unnecessary distractions and provides the opportunity to become lost in the energetics of the moment; whether it’s a flickering candle or the portrait of an Archetype calling you to leave the literal world behind.  Should the browser you’re using cancel your full-screen option following the viewing of a video, be sure to re-engage full-screen before continuing on your journey.


Lastly, please note that the book is best viewed using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Pricing of the Book

Remember, the first complete section of the book is free.

Then, when you’re ready to initiate the changes you desire in your life, here is the pricing for the directions themselves:

  • The South  $19.99
  • The West  $29.99
  • The North  $39.99
  • The East $79.99

You’ll find a complete description on what each direction has to offer in the free section of the book entitled Getting Started – The Archetype Project and then an even more detailed outline for each of the four directions on the two pages entitled “Choose Your Direction”.

Welcome to the Multimedia Book.

Learn more about the Archetype Project and our full offering.