The Ambassador Program

Terms & Conditions



An appointment with an Archetype Ambassador is not intended to be used as a substitute for diagnosing or treating a medical, physical, emotional, or psychological problem, issue or condition. You are advised to seek professional advice or treatment from a duly qualified practitioner for any questions you may have regarding a particular physical, medical, emotional or psychological condition.
Use of or reliance on any part of the session with the Archetype Ambassador is solely at your own risk. The Archetype Ambassador assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the actions of anyone booking an appointment or for any physical, emotional, psychological or medical condition, injury, damage, or death alleged to arise as a result of using, interpreting or acting upon any part of the session connected to the appointment with the Archetype Ambassador.
Before booking an appointment with an Archetype Ambassador you will be asked confirm that you have read, understood and agree with any and all parts of this disclaimer.
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