Archetype Project AmbassadorThe Archetype Project Ambassadors are graduates of the Kimmapii School of Shamanism.  Each ambassador has been a student at Kimmapii for several years, is a graduate of the Energetic Shamanism Program, and has completed the workshop series It Depends on Who’s Looking – The Archetype Project.  Each student of this workshop has worked closely with the Archetypes over a two-year span.  They have studied and gotten to know the Archetypes, and now truly understand their unique and powerful energies.


The most dedicated of these students have now stepped up as independent contractors to be Archetype Project Ambassadors — trained guides who will help new users of the on-line Multimedia Book to successfully navigate the fully-interactive programs offered.


Work with one of the Archetype Project Ambassadors


Upon request, users may contract the services of one of the Archetype Project Ambassadors who has the knowledge, experience and training to answer questions and guide the user to a deeper, more in-depth understanding of their uniquely personal relationships with the Archetypes.


To choose an Ambassador to work with click on their biography to enlarge it. You can read through all the Ambassador Bio’s and simply click on the link under the name of the Ambassador you would like to work with to access their appointment schedule.

Once you choose an appropriate time you can book an appointment. An email will be sent to you for confirmation and an Ambassador will call you at the time of the appointment. You can reschedule the appointment if you are no longer available at that time.




If you have any questions please contact us at





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