The History of the Archetype Project



In 2007, Shanon Harwood began writing a manuscript entitled It Depends on Who’s Looking.  The inspiration for this work arose when Shanon, as a young woman, found herself living and working in Dubai.  Here she was surrounded by examples of a great many of the world’s religious practices.  She was amazed at the dogmatic stances each took on their own particular doctrine.  Intrigued, Shanon began to study the religions of the area.
After her return to Canada, she enrolled in Religious Studies at university.  This study went deeply into not only established religions but also their parallels to ancient Greek, Roman and other worldwide mythologies.  What struck Shanon was how closely the religions and mythologies resembled one another.  The terminology was different, but the concepts were so similar that Shanon became determined to show the world that we are all saying essentially the same thing.  This was the impetus Shanon needed to embark on writing the manuscript It Depends on Who’s Looking.  This manuscript examines in minute detail how worldwide religions, mythologies and practices are all speaking about the same universal concepts and energies — just with a different label.  More importantly however, the manuscript delves into the profound manner in which these energies impact and influence our lives in both the short and long term.
Directly from the pages of this manuscript, the workshop series It Depends on Who’s Looking, The Archetype Project was created in 2010 and offered by The Kimmapii School of Shamanism as a series of four – three day workshops spaced out over two years.  Workshop attendees soon began to report positive results and desired shifts in their lives.  Subsequent to completing the workshop, attendees agreed that the work was profound and life altering.
Arising from the success of the workshop series, Shanon began the creation of an interactive Multimedia Book with the sole intention of making work with the Archetypes available to anyone seeking to help or change areas of their lives where ‘things just aren’t working’.



The Kimmapii School of Shamanism


The Kimmapii School of Shamanism is a division of Kimmapii Inc.  The school is owned by Shanon and Marv Harwood.  It was set up in 1987 to teach Shamanic and spiritual practices learned by The Harwoods over many years of study with a variety of notable mentors and teachers, combined with personal experience. To find out more about the Kimmapii School of Shamanism please visit our website








Promo MH & SH 1 Marv Harwood

“Piitaotakaan” – Eagle Head


Marv has been a practicing Shaman, healer and teacher for more than 35 years. His training in this field started more than 50 years ago when, as a young man, he began learning folk medicine and healing from local Native Elders.  Intrigued by the effectiveness  of what he was learning, Marv has devoted much of his life to further learning and expanding his knowledge in numerous areas of shamanic healing.

Among his more notable teachers and mentors are:  Dr. Joe Crowshoe Sr., Spiritual Elder of the Piikani Nation;  Dr. Alberto Villoldo, founder of The Four Winds Society;  Dr. Carl Greer, Jungian Analyst / Psychologist / Shaman and numerous other gifted healers.
Marv spent more than 15 years under the direct tutorship of Dr. Joe Crowshoe who gave him the name Eagle Head, and another 10 years earning his certification with The Four Winds Society to become a Graduate of Advanced Divination, Soul Retrieval and the Healing the Light Body School.
Throughout his life, Marv has had many careers including pharmacist, police officer, human resources consultant and professional guide, but has devoted the last 25 years of his life to shamanic teaching and healing.
Marv is a gifted shaman, ceremonialist, trainer, speaker, healer and mentor for those interested in the medicine ways.



Marv & Shannon The Archetype ProjectShanon Harwood

“Inniskimaaki” – Buffalo Rock Woman


Shanon became interested in tarot and astrology more than 40 years ago. This passion was augmented when, as a young woman, she moved to Dubai where she worked for a local newspaper and wrote feature articles on the various religions represented in the region.


Shanon’s most notable mentor by far is Josephine Crowshoe, spiritual elder of the Piikani Nation, who named her “Inniskimaaki,” or Buffalo Rock Woman. Shanon also spent 10 years earning her certification with The Four Winds Society to become a graduate of courses in Advanced Soul Retrieval, Working with the Sacred, and Healing the Light Body.
Shanon is a gifted shaman and a public speaker on Archetypes, tarot, astrology and the works of Edgar Cayce.





The Archetype Ambassadorsphoto-1423420634464-89006b3454a8


The Archetype Ambassadors have been students at Kimmapii for several years. They have all been a part of ‘Depends who’s Looking’ since the beginning and have all worked very closely with the Archetypes; studying them, getting to know them personally, and understanding their energies.  They have stepped up as independent contractors to act as guides for those of you who have decided to begin your journey with the Archetypes.

You can find out more about the ambassadors here.